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Level 3 - Military Complex Level 3 - Military Complex

Rated 5 / 5 stars


very interesting indeed. I like it! And it loops nicely as well!

I love the vision I get from this song. I can just picture myself escaping from a military base, fighting soldiers along the way to the exit. Probably isn't what's going on in that upcoming game, but that's what I imagine lol.

No problems here. Good job!

Voting Details: Current Score - 4.80
Voted 5 - raised to 4.83
Voter # - 10

Now if I only had an Iphone to check this game out :P
~The Koopa Clan~

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Worms 3D Title Theme Worms 3D Title Theme

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bazookas + Grenades

Such a great game. While it was a great game, I still preferred the classic 2D.

Nice job ya did here. Brings back some good memories of that game. In fact, it makes me want to play the game right now! Very similar to the original I must say. Good job!

Voting Details: Current Score - 1.66
Voted 4 - raised to 2.05
Voter # - 8

~The Koopa Clan~

Rucklo - Deeper Again WIP Rucklo - Deeper Again WIP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Famous rapper eh? I got a good guess as to who this is, but I won't say. :P

Nice piece of work here. If you do get that famous rapper, that'd be great! It sounds good enough alone. Can't imagine how much better it would be with some lyrics.

Voting Details: Current Score - 0.00
Voted 5 - raised to 5.00
Voter # - 1

~The Koopa Clan~

Rucklo responds:

guess away, won't ya? ;)

thanks for the scores and the review man!

Big Dicks Anonymous Big Dicks Anonymous

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Big Dicks Anonymous? Lol, what a name.

Overall, the song is okay. What bugs me here is that the whole song is constant throughout. You know, it stays the same.

The drum loop is too simple here. Try and create more complex drum loops if you're going for a Drum N Bass song.

As for the melody, it's the same throughout. As I listen to this, I notice a small change in notes, but it just seems to be lacking in variety.

Voting Details: Current Score - 3.35
Voted 3 - lowered to 3.19
Voter # - 4

For your second song, it's alright. Put more practice into FL, and experiment around with it, see what you can get out of it. Get yourself better acquainted with FL Studio, and try to reach its full potential.

~The Koopa Clan~

Scrototype responds:

I thought there was plenty of variety. Did you listen to the whole song? ...and I only put it as DnB because I didn't know what else it'd fit into.

...thanks for the review I'll look into your suggestions and try to fix it up a little.

Mario Mix for Piano Mario Mix for Piano

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Haha, I remember hearing this when I watched "Dumbass Mario".

Love this song! Cute and perky!

The beginning is so cute. Then it progresses into something else. It transforms into a peaceful song. Very nice.

When it got to this part, I was surprised. It was sounding so peaceful, then it jumps into that. Haha, I liked it!

This sounded a little weird to me. A mistake perhaps?

Overall, I loved this song! ^^

Voting Details: Current Score - 4.40
Voted 5 - (+0.0011)
Voter # 1,112

~The Koopa Clan~

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Zelda: Windmill Zelda: Windmill

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ah, Song of Storms. A personal favorite of mine....

Sounds nice. Listening to the guitar playing throughout the whole song was very relaxing. And the violins are a nice touch.

The flute sounded nice, and was a good choice for the melody.

Overall, a great song. Loved it!

Voting Details: Current Score - 4.41
Voted 5 - (+0.00098)
Voter # - 1,295

~The Koopa Clan~

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Soundshifter responds:

thanks man :)

Gerudo Valley Death Song Gerudo Valley Death Song

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very good job!

The beginning was okay. I would have liked it better if you had added some maracas or castanets. Something to add rather than leave the guitar playing on its own.

The snyth sounded nice, and isn't too loud. Good!

What I'm really lovin' here is the trumpets! Really sound nice, and add a nice touch to the song.

Good work overall!

Voting Details: Current Score - 4.32
Voted 5 - (+0.00100)
Voter # - 959

~The Koopa Clan~

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DV-Zelda-Song Of Storms DV-Zelda-Song Of Storms

Rated 5 / 5 stars


For 50 seconds, this is great!

The windy snyth you added is a nice touch, and makes this even better. Very simple, yet I like it!

Voting Details: Current Score - 4.39
Voted 5 - (+0.00096)
Voter # - 926

~The Koopa Clan~

Mega Man 2 Acoustic Guitar Mega Man 2 Acoustic Guitar

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice...

Always love Megaman covers! Especially acoustic ones! =D

Lovin' this overall. Sounds great, and is good to listen to.

The only problem I find is that it's hard to hear the main melody, as it's drowned out by the other guitars. Still good, though I would have liked to hear the melody above all.

Voting Details: Current Score - 4.00
Voted 5 - raised to 4.17
Voter # - 9

~The Koopa Clan~

Charmanzer responds:

thanks man, yeah i know what you mean but I didn't want the mainmelody to take out the other guitars so it's one way or another so to speak :P but i totally get your point.
I am working on a rock version (like everyone else) so that one will be more "megamanish".
Thanks alot for you support and your voting score!!

Dire, Dire, Docks {RMX} Dire, Dire, Docks {RMX}

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love this song. Quite peaceful.

This sounds great, and is nice to listen to. I even like the little piano roll at 0:50. The song was sounding good, then it sounded great!

Now this here is my favorite part. Lovin' the beat here, and the hi-hats and claps are nice as well. And if that wasn't enough, you even threw in an original verse if your own! Very nice.

Voting Details: Current Score - 4.24
Voted 5 - (+0.0057)
Voter # - 234

~The Koopa Clan~

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