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Damn! Shadow got owned!

I must admit, you've done a very good job here as far as sprite animation goes. I like what you did with the effects. I also like the good quality of this.

It's a good flash, though not original. I'm sure we've all seen Alvin Earthworm's SMBZ series and the fight scenes in those episodes. Still though, it was a very good fight. I especially love the part where Sonic creates that tornado! I have never seen that before, so kudos!

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Although this was just a random Sonic vs Shadow fight, I like it! Sure would be nice if you expanded on this!

~TheKoopa Clan~


Yet another great episode! =D

Again, those fight scenes are great. Nice use of sound effects. I especially liked the Metal Gear Solid one you used. Very nice.

Good choice of music. A fight scene isn't complete unless it has the right music to go along with it.

The one thing that still bugs me is the file size. For it's file size, I expected this to be a bit longer. While it is indeed longer than the previous episodes, the file size still seems to be too big.

Besides that, I still like your series. Really good work!

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Keep up the great work man.

~The Koopa Clan~


Well I can see that this could definitely help someone! It helped me!

This is a good starting point for new animators. Only thing I would have added is some background music. Although this tutorial is short, I think a short loop would have been a nice touch to add.

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Really nice tutorial here. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll get into Flash animation! :P

~The Koopa Clan~

dooseyboy responds:

glad i could help, i have added some of the things that have been mentioned in other reviews.
thanks for the review

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it works, though could use a lot more sounds. With only 2 songs and eight characters, it's really lacking in quantity. With so many sounds in SSBB, it's a shame you used so few.

As it is a soundboard, it would really be helpful if you provided a download of the sounds. If you were to do that, it'd be a great help to anyone who wanted to use SSBB sound effects.

One thing I like is the sound quality. Very crisp and clear. Keep it like that.

Can't wait to see the newer versions!
~The Koopa Clan~

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HTSCONNER responds:

I have uploaded most of the brawl sounds that I have stored on my pc to megaupload also thank you for your positive feedback.

Pretty good, but needs work....

Decent game, though could use many improvements.

The goomba sprites are real blurry. Get some clearer sprites please.
And a better title screen would also help.

The concept of the game is simple. Kill all goombas. Problem is, killing nothing but goombas can be boring though. I think you should add in a couple of different enemies, or at least a variety of goombas (koopas, paragoombas, etc.)

The combo system is alright, but could use a couple more moves. It's just the same kicks and uppercuts. See if you can add more moves using fireballs and hammers.

One thing I think you should add is power-ups. You know, mushrooms, fire flowers, 1-ups (if you intend on having lives), and stars for invincibility.

You should also be sure to include a time limit, levels, and bonuses.

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Could possibly be a good game. I'll give a 3 for this demo.
3/10 and 3/10


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radthemad4 responds:

Even though you gave me such a crappy score I'd like to say thanks. You're criticism is constructive and you've given me many ideas. I'll send you a PM once I get time to make the full version or a better demo anyway.

what problems?

*in response to I-liM*
You know, you don't have to jump. Just move around while dodging Yoshi.

There are a couple of problems.

One problem I find is that I sometimes fall even though I didn't go offscreen..

As for the beginning, I don't understand the part with the Shy Guy. He just shows up out of nowhere, so that doesn't make any sense.

Also, I don't get what happens to Yoshi when you beat him. When the colors invert, Yoshi falls down for some reason.

Besides all that, it's still a good game. Not perfect, but still fun to play.
7/10 and 3/5

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very interesting indeed. I like it! And it loops nicely as well!

I love the vision I get from this song. I can just picture myself escaping from a military base, fighting soldiers along the way to the exit. Probably isn't what's going on in that upcoming game, but that's what I imagine lol.

No problems here. Good job!

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Now if I only had an Iphone to check this game out :P
~The Koopa Clan~

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Bazookas + Grenades

Such a great game. While it was a great game, I still preferred the classic 2D.

Nice job ya did here. Brings back some good memories of that game. In fact, it makes me want to play the game right now! Very similar to the original I must say. Good job!

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~The Koopa Clan~


Famous rapper eh? I got a good guess as to who this is, but I won't say. :P

Nice piece of work here. If you do get that famous rapper, that'd be great! It sounds good enough alone. Can't imagine how much better it would be with some lyrics.

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~The Koopa Clan~

Rucklo responds:

guess away, won't ya? ;)

thanks for the scores and the review man!

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The character design is spot on, and the glow from the nuclear atom is a nice touch. The only thing I don't like here is the background.

Just work on creating backgrounds. Great drawing!

~The Koopa Clan~

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