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Random Sonic vs Shadow P1 Random Sonic vs Shadow P1

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Damn! Shadow got owned!

I must admit, you've done a very good job here as far as sprite animation goes. I like what you did with the effects. I also like the good quality of this.

It's a good flash, though not original. I'm sure we've all seen Alvin Earthworm's SMBZ series and the fight scenes in those episodes. Still though, it was a very good fight. I especially love the part where Sonic creates that tornado! I have never seen that before, so kudos!

Voting Details: Current Score: 3.14
Voted 4 - raised to 3.15
Voter # - 244

Although this was just a random Sonic vs Shadow fight, I like it! Sure would be nice if you expanded on this!

~TheKoopa Clan~

Sonic: Darkness Part 3 Sonic: Darkness Part 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Yet another great episode! =D

Again, those fight scenes are great. Nice use of sound effects. I especially liked the Metal Gear Solid one you used. Very nice.

Good choice of music. A fight scene isn't complete unless it has the right music to go along with it.

The one thing that still bugs me is the file size. For it's file size, I expected this to be a bit longer. While it is indeed longer than the previous episodes, the file size still seems to be too big.

Besides that, I still like your series. Really good work!

Voting Details: Current Score - Under Judgment
Voted 5 - Under Judgment
Voter # - ???

Keep up the great work man.

~The Koopa Clan~

Simple And Easy FBF Tut Simple And Easy FBF Tut

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Well I can see that this could definitely help someone! It helped me!

This is a good starting point for new animators. Only thing I would have added is some background music. Although this tutorial is short, I think a short loop would have been a nice touch to add.

Voting Details: Current Score - 2.83
Voted 3 - raised to 2.84
Voter # - 226

Really nice tutorial here. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll get into Flash animation! :P

~The Koopa Clan~

dooseyboy responds:

glad i could help, i have added some of the things that have been mentioned in other reviews.
thanks for the review

Phoenix Wright v. Ninja Phoenix Wright v. Ninja

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Aww, poor ninja =(

Now this, is something unexpected. I have never seen Phoenix Wright sprites used in such a way.

Not the best quality, although it was rather entertaining.

Voting Details: Current Score - 2.39
Voted 3 - (+ 0.0063)
Voter # - 282

~The Koopa Clan~

One More Brawl Taunts One More Brawl Taunts

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not what I have expected...

A bit disappointing, compared to the previous Brawl Taunts. Certainly has it's funny points in the movie, though it was kinda crap throughout the whole movie.

The bits that really got me to laugh was the Metal Gear scene, and King Dedede's big gay dance, complimented with Rick Astley's song. Everything else, either got a couple of chuckles or just wasn't funny at all.

I expected this to be a lot better than I thought, but turns out I was wrong.

Voting Details: Current Score - 3.77
Voted 5 - unchanged
Voter # - 5,471

~The Koopa Clan~

Pokemon Master ep7 Pokemon Master ep7

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Although it does seem to be longer than the previous episodes, it's still a little short. It would definitely be better if each episode was longer.

Just as funny as the rest! I especially love the part where the Pokemon Trainer steals the Mudkip from the /b/tard. XD

Only improvement I would like to see is in the voice acting. I could help you out there! ;)

Voting Details: Current Score - UJ
Voted 5 - UJ
Voter # - ?

~The Koopa Clan~

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Award Wars Award Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Deserving of a trophy!

Lol, great movie!

I see you finally managed to put voices in this time. Love the high, squeaky voice! Reminds me very much of the voices from the Worms games.

The humor of it was pretty good, although you could have used a bit less Naruto references. While I enjoy Naruto, maybe references to different things would have helped.

The chase scene was my favorite part! I can understand TheWeebl being in there seeing as he has a ton of trophies lol, but Kirbopher? Would have been a lot funnier with ZekeySpaceyLizard instead.

Great choice of music!

Voting Details: Current Score - 3.69
Voted 5 - unchanged
Voter # - 399

Keep up the good work! You definitely deserve a trophy!

~The Koopa Clan~

Note: You almost scared me when you said you weren't going to animate anymore. Glad you decided to continue animating!

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Sonic: Darkness Part 2 Sonic: Darkness Part 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Hehe, remember me? I was browsing through the Flash Portal and whaddya know? I notice that Pt2's out! :D

Nice use of effects here. Love the intro. I see the "Sonic the Hedgehog" logo come up, along with the original opening music. Then all of a sudden I see Dark Sonic crashing through! Haha....nice XD

Good choice of music! "Final Zone" for the opening works nice, and the metal and techno music you used for the fight scenes were pretty good.

You explained what had happened to Tails. It's good that that got cleared up from the last episode, but it just seemed way too short. I would have figured that Tails would have put up a fight at least rather than dying so easily.

As for the battle between Mecha Sonic and Sonic, it was pretty good. Nice use of visual effects and sound effects! Still though, it seemed a little short. While I don't like a battle to drag on, I also don't like a battle that ends so quickly.

Still good nonetheless. Can't wait 'till Part 3! :D

Voting Details: Current Score - 2.77
Voted 5 - raised to 2.79
Voter # - 259

For its file size, I would have expected a lot more. These need to be longer.

~The Koopa Clan~

gamefreak20000 responds:

Well no offense to Tails but I think he couldn't really put up a decent fight because he relies on technology as a crutch so that's why I chose to have him killed so easily. Not only that but he was caught off guard.

P.S. I do remember you and I still appreciate your support! Keep a weather eye out for my news updates and you shall not miss it when part 3 is finished!

Koala's Revenge Koala's Revenge

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Pretty good for your first Flash movie!

The music really fits well with the movie. You got facial expressions down. Overall, a good movie!

A different ending than what I thought would've happened. At least he got his revenge! XD

The only thing I would think to improve on is the character's walking. When the Zookeeper was walking, it just wasn't realistic. Work on making the character's movement more smoothly.

Voting Details: Current Score - Under Judgement
Voted 5 - UJ
Voter # - ?

Great first movie! Hope to see more from you!

~The Koopa Clan~

RaccoonRat responds:

Thanks for the review! Yea the walk cycles were the hardest part.

Madness Aggregation Madness Aggregation

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The beginning was awesome! The car chase scene was pretty cool, and was a great way to begin the movie.

I see that Jebus has died. Looks like you won't bring him back to life. He even got his halo stolen! It looks better on the other guy anyways lol.

What I really like about this is the introduction of your two new characters. Sanford and Deimos make a real kickass team! I notice that they're taking orders from someone. Any clue who this could be?

Again, Hank is brought back to life. His new form is kinda weird IMO, but he's still as badass as ever.

It's a shame Deimos died. Is there any chance that you'll bring him back to life? And what of Sanford? Is he going to die as well?

Awesome video! Can't wait 'till the next!

~The Koopa Clan~

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